Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bittersweet lunch

Since returning from New York I was successful in convincing myself that I would not be accepted in the US-2 program. Thererfore, everytime my cell phone has rang the last few days my heart stopped.

While at lunch with the staff from the Center for Church Leadership at Martin Methodist College for "Assistant's Day," my phone started vibrating furiously, which gave me a small thrill but scared the crap out of me. However, it was "just" my mom. I write "just" my mom because she had some bad news to spread about my uncle and the tumor on his liver - specifically the inability of the doctors to remove the tumor during surgery yesterday.

While processing this, my phone rang about 30 minutes later. This time the news was much happier as I was informed that I was accepted into the US-2 program!!!

More info to come about where I'll be, what I'll be doing, etc....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


It is funny that I titled this first entry beginnings, as it is being written at a crossroads in my life...

I just returned yesterday from a four day trip to New York City. It actually was an interview for the US-2 program, which is a social justice program of the GBGM of the UMC. I think the interviews went well, though I am cautiously optimistic as I wait for the call which should come sometime this week.

If I am accepted into the program, I will be sent to work in a United Methodist affiliated agency that works towards social justice. The placement could be anywhere in the United States, but I made it known that i preferred the Northeast. The weekend was better than I expected - the awkward lack of anxiety from the 12 persons interviewing seemed to fill the rooms as much I had expected the anxiety to. All of us will have a long week ahead of us waiting for the call from Lauren Green - a former US-2 and current Missionary in Residence for the Young Adult Program.

Hopefully, last weekend will be just the beginning...