Thursday, April 05, 2007


Say what you will about me, but today, between 11:28 and 11:32 am, I got both of these messages and 3 friend requests from scantily clad women on MySpace.

Here are the two messages:

Apr 4, 2007 11:30 AM

Subject: no subject
Body: Hey there Im Amber and I decided to message you because your profile caught my eye as someone I would like to get to know better!! I recently signed up on a new and far more provocative dating site - all you need to sign up and find me is an email to join! You can find my profile here, under the name of sexyamberwantstoplay. I try to stay away from using myspace because it is very restrictive and too much spam. Thanks!


Apr 4, 2007 11:30 AM

Subject: whats up?
Body: H3Y BABE !!!...Cool myspace u got there.. was just browsing people who live near me and found ya..... Feel free to add me to your M~S~N or A~I~M (both are listed on my MS page..I prefer M`S`N as A'I'M freezes on me so I may not get ur messages...I jusst m0ved so try!ng to meeet sum new people.. xoxox chat soon cutie xoxoxo Paris

Now mind you, I am rarely on MySpace anymore. Maybe 5 minutes a week. Today I happened to get an email informing me of a message from a friend who I am going to see over the weekend so I thought I should check it. In the time I was on MySpace - about 2 minutes - these 5 ladies (remember the 3 friend requests) pounced on me. They were probably waiting on me...I'm apparently such cyber man meat. Actually...I might make my M`S`N or A'I'M screen name (both not listed on my MS page...(I forgot to close that parentheses just like the second message sender - name SEXYBELLA) cybermanmeatuno.

I added uno to this name so people ladies will realize that I am the number one in cyber man meat. Well, at least the ladies who can speak Spanish or played the beloved card game UNO growing up.

Okay, enough of this MySpace crap. But obviously the ladies like what they see on my profile.

Oh, and by the way, I am aware everyone gets these requests/messages. But do they get 5 in 4 minutes like this cyberpimp did? Probably.


Blogger Matthew said...

dude, you are SUCH a stud.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous trisha lisha said...

i get messages like that all the time!! but from men. mostly, they're like "hey whats up?! ur profile caught my eye and i'd love to get to know u sometime. i think ur hot and u know what? i'm hot too. so since we're both hot, lets enjoy our hotness together! what do ya say?"

i can't help but add them. i can't turn down a friend request like that! would u turn down a friend request when they say you're hot?

i also got one that said "can i get me some of that?" and i went off on him and he replied back with "i meant some of that beer that you're holding in your hand in your picture?" hahahahahahaha

but, by far, you are the biggest cyberpimp i've ever seen. dont forget to wear ur travelin' pants this weekend! i can't wait to see you!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ay man there is alaw called amber alert over here in washington some girl got ubdicted so this is so not cool

11:49 AM  

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