Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New York? Check

While in New York it seemed like everyone had a list of things that they wanted to do while in New York. These lists had things like "buy a hot dog from a street vendor" and "order chinese delivery at 4 in the morning." Other lists were more simple like: "go to a broadway show" or "visit museums."

I went to New York with no such list...however, I have created a list of things I should have done, and how close I came to completing them.

1. Go to FAO Schwartz and show off my newly discovered piano skills by playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" on the BIG Piano.

Outcome: Sadly, I did not make it to FAO Schwartz to play Journey on the BIG piano. I did, however, go to the life size Barbie house in the Time's Square Toys 'R Us and look at almost every Barbie there. I was the only guy that night...

2. Get on a hit television show.

Outcome: I was oh so close. One night while in Time's Square, we saw what we thought was some kind of tv show or commercial or something about to be shot. We hung around this area for a little while and talked about the guys who we thought were paparazzi. Eventually we got tired of waiting so I walked across the street (I was the only one brave enough to ask!) to ask the "paparazzi" who they were keeping their cameras on for. It turned out that they were all just freelance photographers taking pictures of Time's Square. (does time's square have an apostrophe? I have been putting one there) Then one of the girls told me to ask the video camera "paparazzi." I obliged and he didn't know of any celebrity in the area either, he was simply getting shots of the night too. I then asked him what tv station he worked for and this dialogue took place:

ADAM: What tv station do you work for?
UNIVISION: Univision
ADAM: I want to be on Univision!
UNIVISION: Do you speak Spanish?
ADAM: Un poco
UNIVISION: Really? Ask that guy then (pointing at the man holding the microphone
ADAM: No thanks

I was oh so close to being a Spanish Icon! If I didn't get scared and bail...

3. Meet a famous movie star and have her fall in love with me.

Outcome: Once again, I was oh so close. On the next to last night we were there, on the way back from dinner, one of the other US-2s, Emily, and I saw Liv Tyler.

Let me preface this by saying that Liv Tyler lives about 5 brownstones from Alma Matthew's House, so I halfway expected to see her at some point. On this fateless night she was getting out of an Escalade in front of her house and Emily and I were between the car and her house. We (accidentally) cut her off while she was trying to get to her house and promptly sped up to get out of her way. While getting out of her way Emily and I made eye contact to confirm that it was in fact Liv Tyler. I should also say that Liv and I made eye contact.

However, since it was dark, Liv did not drown in my eyes and fall in love with me. Had it been daylight and she had the chance to fall in love with my eyes we would be on the cover of next week's People magazine talking about the love that caused her to divorce her husband, give up her career, and move to Salt Lake.

Well, it looks as if I accomplished very little of my made up list...I shall do better next time.


Blogger Laura said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a US-2. If you need anything of the 2005 class. Just ask. We are all sad we didn't get to meet you guys.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

I was the 4am chinese girl!! And sadly, that is one of the two things I didn't get to mark off my list! :( But, one thing that wasn't on my list that got added was, "Make great friends who let you tag along everywhere" Thanks! :)

9:52 PM  

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