Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New York Observations

I have been living in Greenwich Village on the lower West Side for two weeks now training to be a US-2. Prior to my coming to New York many people warned me of things that I would see in the Village. For the most part, I didn't think anything of it as I am open-minded and don't mind seeing things that go against the norms of society - at least in the South. However, even I wasn't ready to see something that blew my mind on the first day that I arrived while walking down Bleecker Street to lunch.

This is an act that I had never witnessed before and something that I don't think I will ever get used to. (I still double take everytime I see it).

The act is...Dog's taking craps on the sidewalks...

Now I know that this dog is not on the sidewalk, but the internet has failed me and I don't think people would appreciate it if I take pictures of their dog's relieving themselves...

The worst part about this horrific act is the vulnerability, embarassment, and pure fear that you see in the dog's eyes as they pass. Having a dog in the city is opening a dog up to riddicule.


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