Sunday, July 23, 2006

Story Time!

Once upon a time a boy was walking to a restaurant with his friends. This boy was in the middle of the group of friends, several in front of him, several behind him, and one beside him. As they walk along a stranger cuts into the group. The boy and his friends don't think much about the stranger and continue their various conversations. While the group is walking, talking, and having a good time, the stranger starts acting strange. The stranger bends over and touches things on the grounds, mumbles unintelligibly, and claps for long periods of time. The boy and his friends look at each other in wonderment but carry on with their conversations, realizing that they are in the big city.

One of the conversations that is taking place near the boy is about dogs. One of the boy's friends mentions that some people treat dogs as dogs and others treat dogs as people. The boy has a question about this statement so he offers "what does it really mean to treat a dog as a dog?" Just at this moment the stranger turns around and says "wow man, that is deep." The boy tries not to make eye contact; his friend who was walking next to him drops off the face of the earth and joins the group walking behind the boy. The stranger persists "no man, I mean, I like to joke around and stuff because I have to but what you just said was some deep stuff." The boy tries humor and says "Yeah...I'm a philosopher." The stranger doesn't get it and continues to talk to the boy. The boy feels very awkward and wants to get out of the situation by any means necessary. The boy realizes he isn't a strong runner. The boy must listen to the stranger.

One of the boy's friends comes to the rescue by asking him a question. The stranger drops back. The group of friends who were behind the boy drop back farther as to not have an encounter with the stranger. They see the stranger spit at a woman crossing the street. The boy walks fast not looking back. The boy and his group of frinds arrive at the restaurant. The stranger is still amongst the boy and his friends. One of the boy's friends allows the lady in the restaurant to sit first; the stranger instead goes to the restroom. The boy and his friends are seated looking at the menus. the boy happens to glance up and see the stranger at the hostess stand. He's perplexed. He then witnesses the stranger start pulling things off of the hostess stand and throwing them on the floor. The stranger wipes a table of it's glassware, breaking everything, and then knocks a tray full of things that a waitress carries on the ground. Then the stranger runs out the door, chased by two waiters.

The boy ponders the situation that just took place...then he laughs and remembers that he is in the big city...

The End

true story by the way...


Anonymous David Burgett said...

Sounds like you're having fun in NYC, even if people are a little stranger up there.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Rachel Perkins said...

I really lovc your stories!
Be careful in the big city. Will doesn't believe your story, but I said that you always tell the truth. Miss you already, Rachel

5:43 PM  
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