Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We have been pretty busy the last couple of days wrapping up the training. Yesterday we had to create several things, one being a litany using the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church. It came out really nicely and I might post it on here before too long. Last night I went to my first poetry slam and my July roommate, Harris, won first place in it. It was really cool...I might look into doing poetry sometime.

For now I'll settle for reciting one of the few poems I have memorized. This is called "Samson Agonistes" and is written by Ogden Nash.

I check the bath before I sit,
And I'm always moved to wonderment,
That what chills the finger not a bit,
Is so frigid upon the fundament.

Moving on...

Throughout the month we (the US-2's) have been receiving gifts of agape from various people's churches and United Methodist Women groups throughout the U.S. Many of the gifts have been from US-2's home churches. First Presbyterian of Pulaski has represented and supported all of the US-2s in an amazing fashion sending leather bound Bibles, phone cards, and many kind notes and cards. We had been receiving one or two small cards a day.

However, when we were doing our closing worship this morning someone came around and loaded our beds with Agape that had been sent to individuals instead of the group. When I walked in it was like Christmas...I had several packages and a lot of cards. It was awesome! Here is a picture.

Obviously the computer wasn't agape but everything else is just what we were given today. I could have done a better job of spreading everything out but it was awesome! Thanks to everyone who sent something if I don't get a chance to thank you personally.


Blogger Liz said...

Hope you got it all in your suitcase!!! Best of luck in Utah!!! :) ~Liz

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