Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm a little embarassed to admit it, but I have been too sore to type since last Monday - when I joined the gym.

I almost swore not to join Gold's Gym, as I called to inquire about their prices before Christmas and they tricked me into giving them my phone number..."can we get your number in case you get disconnected?" "oh yeah...sure, I'm a naive sucker". Jerks. So...I got about 10 calls from them after that night...hard sales. I suck at rejecting hard sales. Is it sales or sells? I don't know...

But anyways, I thought I had an "in" to another, nicer gym, but that fell through. So, the next time Gold's called I suckered them into waiving my membership fee - the up front one that is - and their monthly fees are quite reasonable, like 28 dollars or so. So, now I belong to Gold's Gym.

When I went to set up my membership, the guy who helped me was really nice - almost too nice. He offered to give me a free personal trainer session, which I later found out is standard, and the following coversation ensued:

Me: No thanks, I don't want to resent someone every time I see them.
Awkwardly nice man (ANM): Oh, but it will benefit you so much. You'll learn how to use all of the machines and which exercises will help you cut weight faster.
Me: Well, I used to work out pretty heavy, so I know most of that stuff.
ANM: Okay, so what is your objective in joining?
Me: I want to lose a little weight.
ANM: Tell me what your daily eating habits are.
Me: (I told him)
ANM: Instead of the personal trainer, why don't we set you up an appointment with our dietician (who just happened to run the supplement store).

Note: dietician can be spelled either this way or as dietitian...blows my mind...

So, that was a little embarassing. But, I know I didn't eat too much.

The "dietician" gave me a diet plan. I put dietician in parentheses because I'm pretty sure he is just some dude who works in the supplement store on commission. The diet looked like this:

Breakfast: 6 hard-boiled egg whites, cup of oatmeal
Mid-morning: Protein Shake
Lunch: Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce
Mid afternoon: Protein Shake
Dinner: Chicken breast, green salad
Before bed: Protein Shake

So, I don't follow this. I was close to following it before a co-worker told me that the "dietician" probably works on commission, and just being mindful of what I eat will be better.

The one thing the "dietician" did do was schedule me an appointment with a personal trainer - thus the soreness...

Now, every time I see the personal trainer, mean words come to my head.


Blogger Matthew said...

But good for you for getting in the gym. I've been swimming twice now with my new Y membership, the soreness fades fast (faster than the chlorine smell, actually). You want sore, you should go to one of those full-scale climbing walls. I never knew my fingers could be so sore without arthritis

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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