Sunday, January 14, 2007


One of the challenges with my two New Years Resolutions - working out 6 days a week and reading for educational purposes two hours every day - is finding time to also watch the television shows that I have gotten into. It actually won't be that much of a challenge, as there are only a few shows that I watch every week...and they just happen to be spread out on different nights.

So, I present to you, my beloved readers, the "don't call times" for this winter season. "Don't call times" means if my cell phone goes off, I won't answer it. Don't believe me? I recently found out that two of my friends got engaged over the holiday season. One of them called last Thursday during the "don't call time," also known as the hour during which Grey's Anatomy is on, and I ignored the call, even though I knew the news they bore was BIG. Note, I did call them back after the show. So, consider me out of reach during the following times.

Monday: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - one of the best shows I've watched in a long time, seriously, I laugh. I cry. Actually, i don't think I've cried yet - but it's an Aaron Sorkin show so I'm sure thats not too far off. Don't call time (DCT) is 9pm to 10 pm, Mountain Time.

Tuesday: American Idol - of course I'm going to watch it. And it is going to be a challenge to watch this in it's entirety and get my work out/reading in. The first few weeks will be two-hour shows and then it'll start being on Wednesday, which might cramp my style with my Wed. night show. On the plus side I'll get to fall in love with another contestant and Katharine McPhee will probably get a reprieve from my fan mail. Wait, I've never sent her fan mail...that must be why she hasn't reciprocated my love...DCT = Tuesdays, 7pm - 9pm (for a couple weeks, then 7-8pm) Mountain Time.

Wednesday: Friday Night Lights - I know this might confuse you, but even though it's called Friday Night Lights, it comes on on Wednesdays. This is just a great teenager soap opera show. And Lyla Garrity is super hot. But I'm torn in saying that Lyla Garrity is super hot for several reasons. I will outline them here.

1. I'm sure that the actress portraying Lyla is much older than the character, but the character is only a senior in high school - meaning 17 or 18 years old. So, this admiration could be perverted. But I'm sure her character is much older than 18, as are the other actors/actresses portraying these high school kids...right? Right?

2. Lyla Garrity's boyfriend, Jason Street, was the star quarterback who is now paralyzed after the first game of the season. I can't steal a cripples girlfriend. That's just wrong.

3. Another character already tried to steal Lyla, then kind of got beat up by the cripple. This character, well, the actor, was later on the cover of Men's Health Magazine with ripping muscles. I guess what I'm trying to say is if the cripple can kind of beat up that guy, he won't have much trouble with me.

Anyways...DCT = 7pm - 8pm Mountain Time...if American Idol has their elimination show at this time I am going to raise hell.

Thursdays: Grey's Anatomy - First off...I love the show. Second off...the name is misleading as we have yet to see any of Meredith Grey's Anatomy. The false advertisement almost makes me want to discontinue watching. But, it's the best show on TV. And, I think Izzy and I would make a perfect couple. I will outline why here:

1. She's a multi - millionaire. 8.7 million to be exact.

2. She's a doctor who will make a lot of money.

3. She's beautiful.

See...perfect match. I like all three qualities in a woman. DCT = 8pm - 9p Mountain Time.

Well, these are the four shows I'm watching now. If they aren't on, and the TV is, it's either sports or Hogan Knows Best...that is until The Simple Life 5 comes on. I love that show! It's hot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got good taste. I hope Kat reciprocates sometime soon and Izzy and you have a happy life.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somehow I knew I would get some kind of comment about that post with today's games. Good call about the do not call times, but the only one i really agree with you is Thursday night.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, so where is prison break and 24? oh wait that's mine and jen's show on monday nights. jack bauer can kick Aaron Sorkin's @$$!! and obviously that's what it's all about.

jen and i just had an argument on who's known "little" adam burgett longer. she won. i hate to lose arguments to her. can you just tell her that i have actually known you longer? that way i can go to bed a happy man.


12:32 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Man, I have heard so many good things about both Prison Break and 24...I think if I start now I will have a lot of catching up to do, I'd like to help you out Jonathan, but I'm pretty sure she knew me when I was too young to know her back...

11:57 AM  
Anonymous david b said...

jonathan, i totally agree with you about 24. it is the best show i've ever seen! jack bauer is what i want to be when i grow up! sadly i think it takes more to be jack bauer than having a knack for video games and tv watching. oh well. lost is also a great show, a little out there, but once you start watching it, you can't stop.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Brittany said...

Is it bad that I'm just interested in who got engaged?...

But really, Grey's Anatomy... best.ever.

American Idol... wonderful. But Adam, won't it be a letdown with Katherine McPhee not on every week? Just askin'...

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Great choice of shows Adam! Studio 60 us one of my new favorite shows!! :-)

6:02 PM  

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