Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Week of Landmarks

Counting today, I have been in Salt Lake for 105 days. In the last week, I have had many new experiences. I want to share some of those with you...Aren't you all overjoyed?

I'll start with the beginning of the week.

101 days in SLC - the first time I, a single male with short hair living alone, had to clean the hair out of the tub drain.

103 days in SLC - the first time I woke up to a Salt Lake with accumulated snow on the ground down here in the Valley. It was only about half an inch though...even though the weather people predicted 4-5 inches in the Valley

104 days in SLC - the first time I woke up to lots of snow in the Valley. There were 3-4 inches and I had to walk through it all to get to the bus stop.

104 days in SLC - the first time I realized that New Balance 574s aren't gonna cut it in Salt Lake snow. I probably need to run and get some shoes that are a little more weather proof.

Side story - though I complain a lot about the cold here, and I mean a lot...I really love snow. I guess I get so excited about it because we don't get so much in TN. There have been several instances where it has been spitting out a few snow flakes here in the Valley and I have been super excited. I would walk around and say "it's snowing! Isn't it great!" People would blow me off. They would say something to the effect of "it's not really snowing...just you wait." So I waited. And I thought that Utahns don't get very excited about snow.

When I got on the bus yesterday morning... the snow was all the buzz. The bus is pretty quiet on most days. Yesterday morning, there was a huge conversation going on. There is usually only 2 or 3 people talking to each other. Yesterday morning, there was like a 10 person coversation going on. It was crazy. I mean, I didn't join in, but it was cool. Everyone loves snow.

104 days in SLC - the first time I ever shovelled snow. Does sovelled have one L or two? Anyways, my landlord is a flight attendant and is rarely home, so he asked me to shovel the snow yesterday. I was more than willing as I had never done it before. Now that I've done it...nothing special. Actually, I didn't think it was possible to work up a sweat with the temperature in the teens. I was wrong.

105 days in SLC - the first time I made a near fatal mistake in my clothing choice. No, I didn't wear real white instead of winter white. Actually, I did...but that's not what I'm talking about. Today I wore a t-shirt over a white thermal shirt (like long johns but more stylish) and then decided to put on the thinnest jacket I own. I mean, the sun was out so it couldn't be that cold right? Not right. After about 2 minutes at the bus stop I thought I would die. I chalked it up to the thin jacket. When I got to work everyone was surprised I was still in Utah. This is because I whine about the cold a lot...before it was even cold (that is, cold to Utahns). I looked at and it said the temp. in SLC was 12 degrees, and felt like 6 degrees. I agree.

Great landmarks huh?


Blogger Liz said...

When I moved to KY I had to buy my first real winter coat. Those silly jackets I wore in the Florida chill didn't make the cut here. And it doesnt get as cold as Utah. I just keep praying God sends me somewhere warm next year. (though I too, love the snow, hate the cold)

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too feel your pain. Last October, I finally had to get over the fact that flip flops are not all-weather apparel in Denver. And, the sun is oh-so-tricky. In the Carolinas, when it's cold, it's generally kind of cloudy. Not out here. It could look 75 degrees out the window, but you step out the door and it's still below 0.

2:13 PM  

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