Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Sorry for the lag in posting. The holidays are pretty crazy...

Last week I got to go to two awesome concerts. Thursday night I went to see my main man Amos Lee. It was a good show - he played for about an hour and a half, then came out for an hour long encore. By the end of the night I was pretty ready for him to stop playing...but he's awesome. If you haven't heard him check him out. he has a new cd that came out in October. It's as good as the first.

On Saturday night I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square's Christmas Concert. It was amazing...a 360 member choir, 130 member orchestra, around 100 dancers and 100 bell ringer....and my new lady friend Sissel headlining. I swear she's my new girl friend. Look at the way she's smiling at me.

She was smiling at me like this all night long. Through the camera of course. The concert was in the LDS Conference Center. It seats 21,000 people, so, I applaud her on her keen ability to spot me in a crowd and flirt on stage. Few have accomplished that. The Dixie Chicks and Katharine McPhee. Thats all. Now Sissel. My new love.

Anyways...I head to Nashville on Saturday, but not until we do our Christmas meal giveaway. That's right, on Friday morning I get to be up at 5 am just so I can start my PR people's plan of getting my name out there a little more to publicize my site...you know, get in a few more countries and whatnot. Actually, at 5 am I will be on live television, talking about Crossroads and the events of the day when 1200 complete Christmas meals are distributed that have been donated by lots of Utahns. I think that's so cool. There hasn't been a day this month when there hasn't been a food drive delivered to Crossroads.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not dead...I will start updating more regularly when things cool off a little. That would be funny if you were all freezing every day like me. If it cools off much more I'm leaving and never coming back. I'm so thin skinned...


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