Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Because you all asked so nicely...

Fry Sauce is a sauce that people here in Utah use to dip their fries in. Since I'm sure you all figured out that much, I guess I will go into more detail.

My first encounter with fry sauce came during my first day of work here at Crossroads. The Executive Director here at Crossroads took me to the Greek restaurant down the street. I ordered my gyro combo with fries and answered the expected questions. "White Sauce or Red Sauce (for the gyro?)" "Fries or Rice?" I nailed these first two questions and was feeling quite confident in my food ordering abilities. Then, I was totally unprepared for the next question. "Do you like fry sauce?" I asked for a repeat. "Do you like fry sauce?" Since the girl taking my order was Greek, it was less a question of if I actually liked it and more of a question of if I wanted it. Thinking that fry sauce was her cute little international way of asking if I wanted ketchup, I answered "Yes."

When the food came I discovered that fry sauce was not, in fact, her cute little international word for ketchup, but it was a creamy sauce for dipping fries. It was tasty, but I was in no way prepared to give up ketchup for this foreign substance. I have had 23 good years with ketchup. The relationship was too important.

I have since found out that fry sauce consists of two parts mayonnaise, one part ketchup, and spices. Different restaurants use different things. A Utah chain, Crown Burgers, adds pickles and makes their fry sauce almost looks like thousand island dressing - but tastes very different. Almost every restaurant in SLC carries fry sauce, my favorite fry sauce coming from the Greek Restuarant where I was first introduced to the heavenly blend of condiments. I go there about once a week...not only for the fry sauce, but that is a big part of why I go sometimes. I don't always get fries, sometimes opting for the tasty rice...their gyro meat is way good.

I hear that fry sauce is kind of a Utah thing, with it not being found much outside of the state. That saddens me. You can buy it in grocery stores. When I bought a bottle, there were two brands. One that I have seen at every grocery store and is popular...even mentioned on the wikipedia posting of fry sauce. It's called "Some Dude's Fry Sauce." The second kind fo fry sauce was a weird brand that I hadn't seen before and haven't seen since. It was on clearance so I bought it, being about half the price. It sucks and I'm stuck with it for now. Oh well. I know to get the "name brand" fry sauce from now on.

As you might can tell I have made the switch, though with some pain and struggle, from ketchup to fry sauce with my fries. It is delicious, and as I said in my previous post, I am very much dreading leaving it behind already. Though I will cherish the time I have with it. And I will probably flirt with the Greek girl who works at my Greek restaurant to extract the recipe of their sauce. It's bien (that's spanish for "good"). I bet you didn't even know I spoke espanol(that's spanish for "spanish").


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Thank you for sharing this with us. See, we need to know this stuff. I really enjoying reading about your experiences and you always make me laugh.

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