Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ensign Peak

Last week I had the occasion to go up to Ensign Peak here in Salt Lake City. This is supposedly the spot where Brigham Young and his posse planned out the city.

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I guess this site is one of the big reasons that SLC is one of the most well-planned cities in the world. The grid system of roads makes navigating the city very simple...anyone can find things easy...and the roads are very wide. I think I've written this before but since I am so committed to your education, I will inform you again on why the roads are so wide. Apparently, Brigham (we are on a first name basis) wanted the streets to be wide enough to turn around a horse/oxen carriage without having to back up. I can see why wide streets are needed. Urban legend says that Briggie Y (that's what he likes to be called) just wanted to walk arm in arm with his many wives...I've heard 20ish wives as a number and I've heard 50ish...not sure which is right. I think the urban legend mythos of wide streets is hilarious...

You can see the well-planned out the city in this picture...and the wide streets. You can also see where I live...I think...

Ensign Peak is one of the lower mountains surounding Salt Lake. Actually, I'm not sure if it is considered a mountain. It's high though. Legend says that Brigham Young and a group of fellow sojourners were going through this area and Brigham Young stopped the driver and said "This is the place." He had apparently had a vision of Joseph Smith (Founder of LDS Church) showing him this exact place.

The fact that Brigham Young rode up the mountain/foothill/whatever tells me that he was much smarter than I walked the trail up the mountain. The entire time going up I thought I was going to die. My friend I was travelling with didn't seem so winded so I blame it on the high altitude. And my being out of shape. But mainly the high altitude. And possibly the mexican food I'd had for lunch.

But something tells me that with either 20ish or 50ish wives, Brigham Young was in pretty good shape and would not have had much trouble walking, running, or roller-skating up Ensign Peak.

It was so worth the pain and angush though. It was beautiful from the peak. You could see the whole valley. Aren't I a good photographer?


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