Friday, October 06, 2006

Me and Nature...we be tight

Last weekend I went up to Big Cottonwood Canyon - one of the seven canyons within a short drive of my house. The accessibility of nature - beautiful nature - out here is amazing. In twenty minutes I could be at any number of hiking, climbing, skiing, or rapelling spots. All very beautiful.

So, this trip last weekend was great. Very relaxing. It kind of makes me want to rethink my assertion of myself as a city boy. Actually, no, I like the city. But I like nature in small doses too.

Speaking of small doses. This little guy caused me to seek a new pair of undergarments shortly after we arrived to the Canyon.

I can't wait until the Spring when I can just make a short drive and go sit in this wonderful nature and do whatever - write, read, listen to music - You know...relax. Who couldn't relax when you can just chill beside something like this:

As I am hungry I will just put a couple of other pictures here. I took about 80 that day. I am in the process of learning about a new picture sharing site a friend told me about called flickr and will probably start posting all of my pictures on this site. I will post the address when I learn more - unless I learn that I can't post the site and show other people my pictures.


Blogger Tyler said...

I always knew you and nature were tight. I'm jealous.

11:45 AM  

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