Saturday, October 21, 2006


I could probably do a post about these Bus People I am about to describe if I would have engaged either person in conversation rather than just eavesdropping on their conversation. But, I didn't engage because I was too enamored by my own thoughts that sprang forth because of the conversation that these people were having.

It started:

Lady with Very, Very Thick Glasses (LVVTG): "Wow man, you have a lot of hair to be so old."
Very Old Man with Very Thick Hair (VOMVTH) "Thanks. I like to call it my little gift from God. Did you know I'm 86 and have never had to do anything to keep my hair? It's all natural. Original color too." Editors Note: His hair was very brown.
LVVTG: "Yeah, I have a little gift from God too. I have better than perfect vision." Editors Note: Remember, she has very, very thick glasses."
VOMVTH: (With confused look on his face) "That's nice. Eyesight is very important."
LVVTG: "Yeah, I don't even need to wear these glasses. They just help me see better. I already have better than perfect vision. My doctor told me."
VOMVTH: "Then that is truly a great gift. I wish my eyesight were better."

It went on like this for a little while longer. LVVTG would say something that didn't make much sense. VOMVTH would keep saying gift. It got old an monotonous but, as I said earlier, did spark some internal questioning.

What is my physical feature that is my "gift from God?"

I'm sure most of you are like "Geez Adam, you're well put together. I would say God really blessed you and then broke the mold. You is fine. All of your features would be a gift to anyone else in the world." You are all too kind. And have very good taste might I add...

But, though I am very beautiful, these two people focused on things that don't really make up beauty...super human eyesight, an uncanny ability to keep your hair. So, my question is...what is my trait that is like this?

I came up with two answers on the bus ride. 1. My calves. 2. My triceps. Let me explain.

1. My calves.

This is actually fairly easy to explain. After further thought I no longer believe that my calves are a gift. I think they are the outcome of carrying the rest of me around all of the time. Most any muscle that has to support a big guy all of the time is gonna be pretty developed, so, my calves aren't a gift from God. Just a gift from Marie Callender, Li'l Debbie, and Captain D.

2. My triceps.

Okay, so I admit this is a bad picture, but it's hard to get a picture of your own tricep...and have it show the definition. And let me tell you there's some serious definition there. And I have no idea why it's there. It's been years since I've worked out regularly and for definition. All of my other muscles that used to poke out have long been gone. But, my triceps remain. This has to be a gift, as I have done nothing to nurture them. Why are they still there and defined (again, bad picture - I almost don't want to put it up as I feel some people will look at it and say, "How cute, Adam thinks he has triceps. I do...BIG ones.)? This is a mystery that I have no answer to. My triceps...a gift from God.

Anyways...I should have jumped in the middle of the conversation between LVVTG and VOMVTH and put on a flex show. I think they would have agreed that my triceps are a gift...


Anonymous sarah t said...

so, check it...i stumbled across your blogger site, and found myself reading on. impressive! glad you've decided to share the musings of your life with your loved ones (and myself).

how are ya?

(myspace/madamejen incase my identity eludes you.)

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Sarah W. said...

I find myself particularly fond of your calves! :-)

8:51 AM  

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