Thursday, October 12, 2006

I must say, I feel a little cheated...

Riding the bus has allowed me to enjoy my ipod more than I had been able to before I was en route , walking, or waiting for about an hour a day. Not only has this down time allowed me to enjoy the ipod more but it has allowed me to enojoy the music that I am listening to more.

A lot of the music that I listen to are my old reliables: Amos Lee, Dixie Chicks, RENT Broadway Soundtrack, Elton John, Snow Patrol, and quite a few others whom I have listened to for a while or enjoy a lot. Katharine McPhee included. However, since I have 3828 songs on my ipod you can imagine that there are songs that I don't listen to regularly, or in the cases of the music that came to me through friends, songs I have never listened to at all.

Also, because itunes makes it easy to enter your credit/debit card once and then just buy and buy songs until your heart's content, I have music that I have purchased that I don't listen to regularly. In a lot of cases, I think "Wow, I would like to hear this artist, and it's cheaper to buy his whole cd now rather than buy one song now and then buy the whole cd later, so I'll just buy the cd" and then never really listen to the musician.

Until now. Prince is one artist that I'm really getting into. Now, by way of explanation let me say that Prince was an itunes purchase during a late night in US-2 training in New York. I don't remember what had gone on that day, or even why I was on itunes late at night, but I remember my rationale in purchasing Prince's Greates Hits. Heres the rationale: "I have $35 worth of itunes gift cards." Sound reasoning, huh?

Actually, though that was my reason for buying Prince I have had it in my mind for some time that I would like to listen to Prince. This desire stemmed from my Dad's love of Prince. I actually don't know if my dad loves or at one time loved Prince, but I do know that he owns the VHS to Prince's movie - Purple Rain. That translates to love in my book as I own the VHS to Runaway Bride just because the Dixie Chicks had a song on the soundtrack.

Anyways, since I've been listening to Prince I realize that he is really, really good. His music is awesome. Actually, he is so good that I wish his music caught on with my generation like some of the other older rockers - Elton John, Billy Joel, Meatloaf, etc. I want to talk about Prince with some of my friends and they might know him as "the guy who likes purple" or "Oh, I love his song 1999." But what I desire is for me to be able to walk into a room of my friends and me say "This is what it sounds like, when doves cry" and then the entire room in unison breaking out with "dum do do do, dum do do dum" and then trying to impersonate Prince's shrills. That would be so awesome.

But no, for whatever reason Prince didn't catch on with us millenials and I'm stuck singing Pink Cashmere to myself. I guess I'll stick to being able to walk into a room full of my friends and say "Everybody clap your hands" and have everyone in unison clap their hands to the beat of the ChaCha slide. That's fun too I guess, but I would rather hear "dum do do do, dum do do dum."


Blogger Emily said...

"Touch, if you will, my stomach. Feel how it trembles inside." Ok, so it's a random lyric, but it's all I can think of from that song right now. Sheez. Also, good to see Meatloaf included. You are crazy. :)

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Man! Not sure I wanted everyone to know I actually went out and purchased the movie Purple Rain. To set the record straight, though, I purchased the beta hifi version to play in my brand spanking new $1,000 Sony Beta Hifi VCR. I still can't believe everyone else in the whole world preferred that inferior VHS format...

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Adam, I too have Prince's Greatest Hits on my ipod!......but I must admit, I bought the CD, not Dad!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Matthew said...

So glad you have discovered the consumate musician who is Prince. My favorite is Sign o' the Times, Starfish and Coffee.

3:28 PM  

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