Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something weird is going on...

The internet here is going crazy. Sometimes lately it just won't work, then other times it flies. I don't know whats going on and my landlord (who is gracious enough to allow me to use his wireless) is out of town so i can't figure out if it is a problem with the connection or my computer. Actually, I'm assuming it isn't a problem with my computer as it is a mac and nothing is ever wrong with a mac...

I am updating because I don't know when I will get to again. And I hope that I can now...

Last weekend, actually two weekends ago, I stumbled upon a rally at the city/county building. Sound familiar? To my disappointment this was simply a political rally...

The Constitution party is a fairly conservative caucus in Utah. In my ongoing effort to educate all of you I will talk about it for a few minutes. (Like how I said tIt is also fairly non-existent in the State Senate and House, but that doesn't keep them from running every year. I guess when I say they are a fairly consevative caucus, what I mean is they pick a couple of issues to make noise about...guns, immigration, conspiracy theories about the current administration...and they take them to the extreme. My understanding is that instead of protecting the Constitution, as their name would suggest, the Constitution party takes parts of the Constitution - Right to Bear Arms, Stopping Illegal Immigrants, etc - that would appeal to a good portion of the nation and couples those issues with some merit with really crazy ones.

One of those really crazy platforms: (quoted from their propaganda)

...The Bush Administration has been operating in secret for at least two years to establish what can only be described as a North American Union with Mexico and Canada, along the same lines as the European Union. It eventually means an end to the U.S. Constitution as our ruling document, replaced instead with a new North American Government. It will eventually lead to the surrender of U.S. Sovereignty, independence, and national borders. (This is the best part!) It will result in the establishment of a North American currency called the "Amero".

The Constitution Party doesn't want America tread upon by Canadians or Mexicans. They can take their "Amero" and buy their own country!

One redeeming quality of the Constitution Party is that they know how to arrive in style.

Overall, this caucus is pretty much a joke. I mean, they have some noble stand I guess, but they are mainly saying some of the same things the Republicans say to get any voters at all. One of their other ideas is that the Bush Adminstration is creating a Super Highway that would be "the width of eight football fields" and run from Mexico to Canada without enforced inspections...so, anything can travel through our country.

Tangent Alert The roads here in Salt Lake are super wide...not quite the width of eight football fields...but wide nonetheless. The myth about why Brigham Young, in planning out the city, made the roads so wide is that he did it so he could walk arm in arm with his 50something wives. Ha! The real reason is so someone could turn around their horse-carriage without backing up...but the other explanation is funnier.

Anyways...the Constitution Party is pretty wacky, though interesting. Most interestingly, they dress like this:


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