Saturday, September 23, 2006


I have several posts that I will do in the very near future. One of those I think I have mentioned several times - showing you where I live - but have not had time/motivation to clean up my apartment to take pictures of it. I will in the next day or so...actually, no promises.

It has been raining like crazy here...I was told that Utah was the second most dry (most dry is what I settled on when I spelled the alternative several ways, none to my satisfaction - driest, dryest, is this even a word?) state in the Union, but this week was very, very wet. I think it rained part of every day. Not dry at all.

I don't know what happened to the last post with the screwed up test and picture placement...probably the Super Secret Spies of the soon-to-be North American Union found it and tried to sabotage it since I made fun of said Union, and the stupidity of the idea.

Last week or so I playfully mentioned that I am becoming an Iron Chef. I even created a masterpiece using my face superimposed over a Japanese guy's face which was hilarious - and NO ONE even complimented me on it. Anyways, today I realized that I am becoming quite the creative culinary crackerjack (my dictionary says crackerjack is a synonym for expert and I was going for alliteration). Today I made a super good hot and sour soup in the style of Lili's in Pulaski and then for dinner made a chop steak with saute'd onions and mushrooms. Excellent.

I ate an early dinner because I am going to help with a lock-in at the church where I am volunteering with the youth tonight. I figured I would eat early, take a nap, then get up to go to church. I will go sleep now.


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