Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Update

So I had an awesome time this weekend...

Friday and Saturday I was at Beersheba Springs for Summer Sizzler - a youth retreat sponsored by the TN Conference UMC. It is always the end of summer retreat so it's special for everyone, especially the seniors who graduated because this is their last retreat. It was pretty cool for me since it will be my last retreat with the TN Conference - at least for a couple of years. This year was great, as always. The speaker was great, my small group was awesome and it was super to get to see some of my peeps again before I head off. TN Conference youth events is gonna be one of the things I miss a lot over the next two years.

Sunday I left Beersheba early to get back home for my going away party with my family (and some extended family/friends). It was great to see everyone here too. I love my family and really am grateful for all of their support in whatever I do. It seemed like everyone is happy to see me leave since everyone showed up and some even brought presents to entice me to leave more regularly. Thanks to everyone who came! It was great!

Now, I want to give a shout out to something that made this weekend possible. As mentioned, the retreat was called Summer Sizzler, and boy did it sizzle. It was riddiculously hot for most of the weekend. Also, the party got a little warm with so many bodies and the door being opened regularly by comers and goers. So, this shout out is to a special something - a loyal friend if you will - that has been with me throughout the last several months. Many of you whom I encountered might not have noticed that this friend was even with me, but it was - both at Sizzler and at the party.

So, without further ado I will make the first part in a multi-part series of odes to my deodorant, BAN:

This is a big deal to me because before I found BAN (and yes I know it's a ladies deodorant) many deodorants would work for a month, maybe two, but only to start failing me when I needed it most. BAN (yes I know, made for ladies) has been effective for almost four months now...actually it's been more than effective. I can sometimes wake up the next morning after putting it on at 8am the previous day and I still smell powder fresh. BAN (haha, you're funny - no I'm not a girl) will be the first deodorant I haven't had to rotate around ever. This is why my first ode is to my deodorant. BAN (for the last time I don't care if it's designed for women) is my savior, my loyal friend, my trustworthy companion, and my integrity filled partner - I hope it continues to work now that I have bragged so much...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

adam, as to sizzler and conference events, i concur and will miss your smallness immensely (i first spelled it "emensley" but realized it looked funny and looked it up, which took awhile because i had the first letter wrong). your story struck a chord with myself and my odoriferousness (i looked this one up too,feeling more confident that i had the first letter right, which i did, but not much else "odifourousness"). I changed deodorants, not my choice, when I ran out and asked my wife to pick one up for me at the grocery store. My daughter went with her and selected a sporty brand of "adidas" called "Dynamic Pulse" deodorant clear stick. I applied my new stick with the confident swagger of a man who has never been troubled with lingering body odor. It didn't take too long to notice that something was different. The youth that was sitting beside me under the big tent at worship on the mountain was not the one that needed a shot of fabreeze. it was like i didn't have any deodorant on. i think it would have been just as effective to spritz my pits with water. After I got back from camp, I informed the shopping duo of the poor performance of their product of choice. They assured me that they could rectify the situation, which I am proud to say they have succeeded. I am still under the safe haven of men's toiletries, not yet bold enough to venture to the women's isle. I now sport the gillette series of invisible solids called "cool wave". I too notice a nice fragrance the day after. if this fails after the first month, who knows...maybe "ban", maybe "sure" could cross my pit paths. (sorry, i guess this story really spoke to me).

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, adam. i didn't mean to be anonymous on my deodorant comment.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

yep...i did it again.

4:19 PM  

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