Sunday, August 27, 2006

Story Time 3

Editors Note: Earlier in the day before the following narrative, Adam mentioned to his father that he was upset that nothing had happened to him lately that was really worth blogging about. Apparently since Adam had gone to church that same day, God smiled upon Adam and sent the angel that you will read about in the following story.

Once upon a time a boy walked to the grocery store. Upon arriving at said grocery store the boy went to the counter and asked for a preferred customer savings card so he could save money. He was given a preferred savings card and was gracious to the store for preferring him enough to allow him to save money as he shopped.

While in Aisle two, the one with the bread and snack cakes, the boy was browsing the various breads and realized he was in front of a fellow shopper. "Oh, excuse me," the boy said. The fellow shopper replied "Oh you're all right. Can I help you find something? You look lost." The boy answered "Well, I am kinda lost. This is only the second time I've been grocery shopping on my own and the first time I had someone with me who knew what she was doing," just to make friendly conversation. The fellow shopper said "Oh, I would love to help you!" The boy thought that the fellow shopper was a little too enthusiastic in their reply and said "Thanks, but I think I'll be okay." Fellow shopper said, "No, I insist. Follow me around and I will help you."

The boy contemlated running out of the stor because he felt trapped. There was no way to be polite and turn down the fellow shopper's offer. Being a little scared and unsure of the fellow shopper's speed, the boy figured that he ought to obey the fellow shopper.

Things went smoothly for the boy the first couple of rows as he did not intend on getting much as he walked to the grocery store that evening. The fellow shopper was suggesting things that the boy should buy, but he was politely telling the fellow shopper that he already had or didn't need said items. The boy noticed that the fellow shopper had a habit of saying "I see" after the boy would give such a reply.

When the pair came to the canned vegetable aisle the fellow shopper said, "You just have to get some spaghetti sauce, it is always good to have spaghetti sauce on hand." The boy answered "Oh, I already have two cans of spaghetti sauce at my apartment." The fellow shopper said "I see. Well, maybe you should buy another just in case of an emergency." The boy looked at the fellow shopper dumbfoundedly, then said "That's a great idea!" as he put a can of spaghetti sauce in his cart.

The fellow shopper did not pick up on the sarcasm and said "I know."

Several more aisles went by with some things being put in the boy's cart, some things not being put in the boy's cart, and the fellow shopper saying "I see" quite often. After 45 minutes of shopping and counting the boy realized he made a mistake by not running.

When the pair came to the "Chips and Snacks" aisle, the boy's favorite, he picked up a jar of Salsa. The fellow shopper noticed the GIANT YELLOW SIGN right in front of the boy's face that said "Pace Picante Sauce, 2 for $4" and told the boy "get the Pace Picante Sauce, it's on sale." The boy replied "Oh, I see that it is, I just like this kind of salsa better than Pace. I'm not a real big Pace fan." The fellow shopper answered "But the Pace is on sale." The boy, really not wanting Pace Picante Sauce, said "Yeah, but I don't really want it." The fellow shopper, being relentless, said "But you are paying too much for that other salsa. I don't see why anyone would pass up this deal." The boy, feeling frustrated said "It is a great deal, I just don't want Pace. I want this."

Then the boy put the other salsa in his cart and said "I'm going to go find tostitos." He walked away from his cart and the fellow shopper so he could analyze what just happened while he went to retrieve the tostitos. When he walked back, guess what had been replaced in the boy's cart?


Blogger Laura said...

never ever make eye contact in grocery stores. except if it is one of those grocery stores where you go to find a date. in that case, turn around and walk out. immediately.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

You're a good sport for playing along as long as you did.

Go for the Mrs. Renfroe's- that's some gooooood salsa.

10:25 AM  
Blogger christina said...

so you didn't notice until you got home, or did the stranger finally wear you down and you knowingly bought it? just curious ... (and still laughing!!)

1:57 PM  

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