Friday, August 11, 2006


Well I've long said that I wish I would either get super excited about moving to Salt Lake, super nervous, or somewhere in between. I am leaning towards the super nervous end of the spectrum right now - though I am excited.

I'ma miss lots of people when I leave too...

I head out on Thursday early in the morning. I am working on getting everything ready so I can leave. I've been slowly packing, getting things together, and saying my farewells. Monday I head down to Pulaski to say goodbye to everyone down there for the second time...I wasn't sure that I would make it back so I did it once already.

I'm working on a couple social commentary's right now about issues that really anger me...maybe I will post them on here when I finish them - at least summarize them on here...

I'm rambling... ( I also use the ... more than anyone I know)


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