Wednesday, August 16, 2006

last day in nashville...

It has been great getting around to see everyone before I head out...tomorrow in the early am. At this time tomorrow I will be in Utah, but it will be an hour later there. I think the anxiety is still there but there is a definite excitement in the air...

I can't think of a better way to ring in my last night at home than give my second segment of a many-part series, Ode number 2. This ode has been very special to me over the last few seems like it has always been there when I have needed it.

Ode number 2 goes out to one of the greatest things in the history of the world and without further ado:

Cue the (boink) (boink)

Law and Order, how I love thee. I can remember many nights/days/weekends when I watched the show four hours or more. I think my record was one saturday where I watched 7 episodes. That was a great saturday.

I say I will miss the show because I don't plan on having cable. Thus, I will only get to watch the new episodes - which is something that I have never done. So, I won't get to break my record in the next two years. Instead I'll probably do a push-up, 4 sit-ups, and a couple jumping jacks on saturdays - you know, to get sexy (sexier?) and improve my odds of getting picked to be an extra for one of the Law and Order's that will be shooting while I am back in New York for US-2 midterm and endterm.

The best part about Law and Order is that everyone at some point has watched it, and a lot of people watch the reruns as regularly as I do. In a training session in New York L&O came up and it turned out the majority of the room had seen that particular episode. Law and Order is it's own language, a club for the people who have the time and desire to watch an hour of pure geniusness (is this a word?) whenever one feels like turning the tv on - because it is always on.

I could go on all night talking about Law and Order, but, I won't. My closing remarks ( which probably will not be as convincing as ADA Jack McCoy's usually are - the man's brilliant) consist of the fact that every Law and Order, with the exceptions of the 'to be continued episodes' and the 2 hour specials, are roughly 45 minutes. This is half of a normal movie. They do this at least like 26 times a year, roughly equating into 13 movie lengths a year. I have seen many stinker movies that cost fortunes...never have seen a stinker episode of Law and Order. Actually, I don't know where I'm going with this. I bet Jack McCoy could turn it into a conviction though.

(Just for fun, type Jack McCoy's name into Wikipedia - it gives a bio pieced together from many episodes of Law and Order...crazy and kinda funny in a sad way, the sad part being that some people have enough time to piece together a bio of a fictional character and the funny part being that some people have no life and have thus pieced together a fictional character's life...actually, type any detective's name into wikipedia and get their "bio's": Eddie Briscoe, Joe Fontana, Ed Green, Mike Logan, Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson - ok, I apparently have too much time on my hands and am a loser...


Blogger Liz said...

I feel ya on the Law and Order. I am jealous of your 7-episode Saturday! Monday nights used to be Law and Order night - they always played 4 in a row! :)

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that Val and I (her mother) were the only folks that loved the "Law & Order" marathons!

6:54 PM  

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