Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Bus People"

I have a new segment in my blogdam (you think it should be blogdom like blog+kingdom, since I am royally awesome at blogging, but I opted for the more humble blog+adam=blogdam). As you could guess I encounter many characters throughout my day working in a place where over 100 people looking for some sort of assistance come through the doors each day. But, the most colorful encounters thus far in my time in Salt Lake City take place on the bus, or in some cases, at bus stops.

Today's installment of "Bus People" (read this in a very light manner, like a child would, or perhaps a gentle lamb if a gentle lamb could speak) is inspired by a man I met at the corner of 400 East and 500 South right here in the heart of Salt Lake City. We will call my new friend John, as that is what he told me his name was.

First let me describe John. John was wearing a white, button up shirt and navy slacks. His shoes were clogs that you would normally see on asian women (not to stereotype, but some things just seem stereotypical). His hat was one of those hats with a mesh backing and a puffy, nylonish top which was very colorful. John was wearing sunglasses that only blind people or very old people can get away with. Luckily, John was old, like, super old.

I made a little small talk with John as I approached because he was nice enough to ask me which bus I was taking, then told me the time it would be there. We talked a little about the weather, then about the town in general, then I told him I was new and from Nashville. He immediately told me that he loved Dolly Parton, Minnie Pearl and some of the older stars. I then told him (as I do everyone the least bit interested in country music) that I used to work at the Grand Ole Opry (because it always gets a rise from people and allows me to feel superior to them). However, John didn't ask the standby question that I always get after this statement "Did you meet anyone famous?" John just went ahead in the conversation and told me all of the Country stars he liked and when their birthdays were. He went on to say "My hobby is knowing everything there is to know about celebities. I laughed, then realized he was serious.

Did you know Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, and a couple other people all turn 70 either this year or next year and that out of all of them, Warren Beatty is the oldest by several days? I did...er, do now. For ten minutes, until the bus came, John told me probably 50 celebrity's birthdays. Then where they grew up and other things I could never have known and gone on living. But, John was a nice guy so I'm not going to make fun of him. I won't. I will, however, say that John likes to talk. That's why I was relieved when there was really only one seat open on the bus and I, being the gentleman, young, and able, chose to stand as far away from that open seat as humanly possible and still be on the bus.

In the comments of my grocery shopping mishaps my friend kind of reminded that it isn't always beneficial to talk to strangers. But, my life would be so dull...


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