Saturday, November 11, 2006

YLC 2006

Sorry for the delay in posting. This has been a crazy week and hopefully I won't again go a week without posting. We shall see...

The retreat I went on with Christ UMC's youth was called the Youth Leadership Conference (YLC). It is one of two Rocky Mountain Conference youth events and was held at the YMCA of the Rockies - a beautiful retreat center in the mountains of Colorado. It snowed a lot of the time we were there which was cool. Haha...get, as in cold. I slay myself.

I am pretty spoiled by TN Conference youth events, but YLC wasn't too bad either. It was fairly well attended for a fall retreat and for a conference where there are three huge states as feeders. The band was pretty good, the speakers were nice, all in all it was a pretty good event.

The best part was hanging out and getting to know the kids better. They are all awesome. I really enjoy getting to work with this group. I laughed a lot over the weekend and had fun. Here is a funny picture of two of them. Many of the pictures I took are posted on another website. I think eventually the kids will add their pictures too. The address is:

Sorry you have to copy and paste. Blogger doesn't like macs too much... I hope it works and you don't have to have a snapfish account to view it...if so, and you wanna see the pics, email me and I will send you an username and password to use.

Throughout the weekends I would get kids to pose for pictures by saying "Drop them Deuces." Of course what I meant by this was "throw down two fingers in a gang-like fashion." I don't know whom I stole the expression from. Someone. But I used it throughout the weekend. I have learned that slang words and expressions that are used in Nashville aren't necessarily used in Salt Lake. I guess this fact is responsible for the kids never getting that "Drop them Deuces" is also a euphemism for "Go number two!" (as in the bathroom). Sadly, I got immense joy out of this throughout the week. I would say the command, kid's would obey the command, and a bathroom joke behind all of it. I love being 23.

Speaking of going number two, the lavatory on the bus smelled horrible. Well, it smelled horrible on the way to YLC, it smelled deadly on the way back. One boy admitted to dropping them deuces in the lavatory on the way there, but the smell was much worse than that. It was at this mention that one of the guys remembered pouring the remainder of his egg nog down the toilet on the bus. This explained the smell. Rancid.

While the smell was bad, in hindsight it was probably worth it because of all of the conversations and actions that sprang forth because of the smell. Hilarious.

We decided to be proactive in taking care of the smell instead of just sitting idly by and letting the fumes take over. At one of the stops we bought air freshener. It ran out pretty fast. It seemed like a good idea to exorcise the demons that were trapped in the lavatory. The crucifix was made out of air freshener.

After the air freshener was used up, another idea came up. It proved to be the idea that contained the smell enough for us to make it back to Salt Lake. All in all...good weekend!


Blogger Matthew said...

Dude, you are sick (and funny). Glad you didn't get eaten by a bear. I was worried. YMCA of the Rockies holds fond memories. Spent the summer of my 17th year as a horse wrangler there.

2:20 PM  
Blogger gavin richardson said...

haha! hilarious

oh, try firefox or flock for mac. those browsers should hook you up with a rich text editor in blogger

8:16 PM  

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