Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Library is Better Than Yours

It's true, my library, the Salt Lake City Library, is better than your library. I know I tend to brag every now and then, but this is not such a time. I am simply conveying news that was released earlier this year. See:

Now that I've gotten that out of the way. Let me tell you why the library is so cool.

I have spent a lot of time at the library so far in my time here in Salt Lake. They offer several tours but I have not take one yet. They Mayor of Salt Lake, the same one who protested George Bush the other day, had a hand in designing the library to be very envirionmental friendly, or "green" if you will. You will notice that all of the windows on the outside of the library reduce the need for manufactured light inside the library.

The outside alone is really cool. There is a ramp outside that goes from the ground to the 5th floor, which is opens up to a roof-top terrace where there are places to read and relax. Here is the ramp:

The view from the roof is really cool. You can see my house from there. I think. I know you can see a lot of Salt Lake CIty so I am assuming you can see the house where I live.

Moving on. Inside the library, there are various shops, cafes, galleries, and a theater (theatre, I never can figure out which is appropriate). Here is a picture of the foyer area where some of the shops are. On the left side of this picture there are desks on every level that are for people to use the wireless internet, study, or do other scholarly things. On the right side is the library, five levels of books, cds, dvds, magazines, reference materials, and other things.

The bottom floor of the library, the basement, is the children's area.

In the children's area there are special children's reading rooms. I didn't take pictures of these because there were children playing and reading, and I didn't want to be taken for some pervert. The reading rooms have themes. One theme was "Grandma's Attic," which looked exactly like an attic, complete with beams and everything. Another room was called the "Crystal Cave," which looked like a crytal wonderland. There were crags coming out of the floor, ceiling, and wall while the room as a while was painted a smooth light blue. The third room was called the "Coat Room." This was my favorite room as there were actually coat hooks on the wall, coats on the hangers, and cubby holes for hats. It was so realistic. By far the coolest themed room. I can't understand why there weren't children reading in there though...

There are cool little reading areas for adults as where. This next set-up looks like something I would expect to see at the Museum of Modern Art, as it is way more creative than a lot of things there.

Those are fireplaces by the way...

And of course, there are books and lots of them. I was afraid that there would be some sort of censoring inside the library walls because Utah has a reputation as such a conservative area, but I have been able to find most everything i have searched for...even horror movies and what not. There is a huge selection of DVDs, CDs, Books, and whatnot.

Well, this is all evidence that I am once again proven to be better than everyone else...even to the extent that when Salt Lake City heard that I was coming to town and liked libraries they built a new, award winning library. Oh, and I'm not better than everyone else...


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