Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

Well, I just made it home from Crossroads' Annual Thanksgiving Giveaway. I'm very sore. Today we gave holiday food - Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Grapes (not sure this is Thanksgiving food, but it's what the food bank gave us), and various fresh spices - to over 3300 families in need. In those families there were almost 7800 people. It was a great, tiring, and long day.

It will make me even more thankful for the many offers I had to go to Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. I will be going and breaking bread with friends from church and am looking forward to that...and sleep.

An observation: Never, ever have I considered being vegetarian. Never, ever will I consider being a vegetarian (am I spelling this right? I would look it up but...). Nothing against vegetarians...I just love my meat. But, seeing 3600 frozen turkeys spread across a gym floor is a sight to see...and think about. There was a point when i actually realized that all 3600 of those turkeys were at one time alive - that if they were still alive the humans in the center where we had the giveaway would think they were under attack. There was a point where I started to feel bad for all of the turkeys that were once alive, but were then pile in three foot piles over 100 square feet worth of a gym. It was like a genocide...and that was only with the 3600 of the 4312 that were donated to Crossroads that made it into the gym. Just think if all of the frozen turkeys that are being eaten tomorrow would have been there...what would that look like? I thought about this - deep ponderings - and then I went and ate some meat lovers pizza. I loves my meat...


Blogger Art said...

That's a great thing you're involved in...

God is Good! Happy Thanksgiving!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Though I will never expect you to come over to my side, the correct vegetarian side, it is funny to think that all those turkeys may revolt some day! You are too funny and I am glad the give away went well. I will share some of my holiday dinner stories with you one day! Have a great Christmas!

3:19 PM  

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